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Foncham International offers the complete E-waste management cycle (collection, storage, recovery, logistics and regulated disposal).


Foncham International also offers other consultancy services related to setting up national programs or projects aiming to control hazardous waste in limited territories.


Many organisations have the environmental responsibility to dispose of electric and electronic items which they manufacture, sell or handle.


Foncham International assumes the role of Consultant or Resource Company to the solution itself, and also offers advice regarding possible international partners, current legislation, institutional support, expertise, funding and other related resources.


Foncham International is also offering great variety of resources towards the sound management of chemicals and waste.


Foncham International strengthens the capacity of the government in complying with the provisions of the triple COPs, Basel, Rotterdam, Stockholm conventions (BRS) in legal, technical and institutional arrangements, strengthening the framework for environmentally sound management (ESM) of chemicals and waste issues across the Economic Community of Central African States (ECCAS) region.

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